Sustainability Plans

A Genuine Preventative Eviction Plan will focus on helping the resident remain in the place in which that person truly desires to live on a daily and permanent basis. The original choices, circumstances, barriers or stigmas surrounding a person’s current state of life will not prove to hinder them from being treated with the utmost respect and consideration each individual deserves. The residents we serve will be paramount as we wholeheartedly desire each to remain in their home without suffering the constant concern of losing the freedom an established house can bestow. We will accomplish our goal for the residents by openly and consistently communicating ideas and concerns, accepting and acting on feedback both positive and negative, providing programs, services and resources to sustain their livelihood and establishing an interventional and advantageous strategy to maintain their health, finances and prosperous lifestyle.

Our Plan Strategies include:

  • Case Management
  • Career or Educational Empowerment
  • Financial Awareness
  • Resources
  • Public Benefits Assistance
  • Health Initiatives